21 Vegan Bags That Look 0% Crunchy

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I’m a known evangelist for vegan-leather jackets (buy one that’s well made, and no one will know the difference) but for whatever reason, most of the handbags I own are of the animal-skin variety. Lately, though, I’ve been thinking that there’s really no reason not to consider vegan alternatives—not only is there less guilt factor when it comes to ethics and sustainability, but some of the options out there are just really damn cute.

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Canadian label Matt & Nat has been making consistently great vegan bags for more than 20 years, and now their sleek, unadorned aesthetic feels right in line with some of the buzziest leather brands of the moment (at a crazy-good price point, too). On the upper end of the spectrum, Stella McCartney’s PETA-approved bags are street-style regulars, while independent designers like Mandy Coon have made vegan versions of their most popular styles. And that’s just synthetic styles—there are also Beklina’s cool canvas circle bags (bonus: they’re washable), Edie Parker’s party-ready acrylic clutches, and more.

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In the slideshow, shop 21 fashion-girl-approved vegan handbags.

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Mitsuko Mini Bag, $115; at Matt & Nat