13 Essential Fashion Instagrams You Probably Don’t Follow—Yet

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There probably aren’t many jobs out there for which Instagram lurking could be considered a valuable professional skill rather than a potential distraction, so I feel pretty lucky that in my line of work, it can actually a pretty productive way to “waste” some time.

Granted, I’m not talking about creeping on exes’ tagged photos—what I’m usually doing is hunting down undiscovered fashion Instagrams: fledgling brands, under-the-radar models, or just a random teenager from Minnesota with really rad style. The best discoveries invariably come from falling deep into the rabbit hole while half-watching television or listening to a podcast—perhaps because my Explore page is always a hodgepodge of whatever I’ve been looking at for stories I’m writing (plus, for no apparent reason, an array of Shia LaBeouf memes).

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At this point, I think I’ve gotten pretty good at scoping out the pages worth following—you know, not to brag or anything—and because caring is sharing, I thought I’d round up a few of my current faves. If your feed has started to feel a little stale lately, take a gander through the slideshow below—whether you’re into minimalist jewelry brands, stylish cool teens, or artsy pink imagery, you’ll hopefully find something worth a follow.

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